Smoked Meatloaf Recipe

SmokedMeatloafWallpaper1280x960My smoked meatloaf recipe is to die for and if you have not tried it then you are definitely missing out on one of the finer things in life.

You would never believe how many folks email me every week and tell me that they will NEVER eat another oven baked meatloaf again. Well, I have not gone that far personally because I don’t wanna have to eat my words if my wife makes one but I can guarantee you that if I have anything at all to do with it, the meatloaf that I eat will be smoked.

I don’t have some kind of secret recipe for my meatloaf.. in fact the smoked meatloaf recipe that we use is very simple. Feel free to use your very own whether it be simple or one of those that is passed down from generation to generation. It is not so much the ingredients of the meatloaf that make such a big difference but in the addition of smoke flavor via hickory, mesquite, pecan or whatever type of wood that you have available.

To create this wonderful masterpiece, you begin by mixing up your ingredients. My basic recipe is below and it always turns out great. Feel free to use it or use it and change things up a little bit.

Basic Meatloaf Recipe

  • 2 lbs. ground beef
  • 1 small onion finely chopped
  • 1/2 green pepper finely chopped
  • 2 cloves garlic minced (optional)
  • 1 C. fresh bread crumbs or saltine cracker crumbs
  • 2 eggs lightly beaten
  • 3/4 C. ketchup
  • 1/4 C. milk

Mix all ingredients in a bowl. blend the mixture about 4-5 minutes and then form onto a flat cookie sheet.

The thickness and size of your meatloaf is entirely personal but I make mine about 8×10 and about 2-1/2 inches thick.

Originally, I set the cookie sheet with the meatloaf on it right on the grate and let it smoke away but then I decided on later attempts that it needed to be up out of the juice a little so I started placing it up on a rack of some sort inside of a larger aluminum pan. This allowed the juices to be caught but also kept the meatloaf out of the juices so it could form a nicer crust.

Smoking a meatloaf will take in the neighborhood of 3 hours at around 250° F but be sure to use a digital probe meat thermometer to monitor the temperature and let that be your guide to tell you when it is finished. Let it reach 160° F and it is finished.

About 30 minutes before it is done you can add some ketchup or better yet, some barbecue sauce to the top and sides of the meatloaf to give it that nice topping that we all like so much.


Quick Tip: My very own barbecue sauce recipe is amazingly good on this meatloaf.. you really owe it to yourself to try it.  Get my Rib Rub recipe and/or my special Barbecue Sauce recipe today and you will thank me tomorrow;-)

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I tend to add smoke for the entire time it is cooking if I am using one of my smaller smokers.. if I am using the stickburner I don’t have a choice;-)

I like it nice and smoky and usually end up with a good 1/2 inch smoke ring or better. Use your own judgment on that based on how much smoke flavoring you like.

Like most meatloaf, this smoked meatloaf is also good on sandwiches or just reheated in the microwave. If you really want to cause a stir, take some to work and heat it up in the microwave in your lounge or break area. Folks will start gathering around and asking questions as the wonderful smell goes wafting across the room and out into the other areas of the building.

If you have a smoked meatloaf recipe you would like to share, please post it below in the comments section for all of us to enjoy.


  1. Theo Rojo says:

    2 lbs. lean ground beef
    1 lb. sausage
    1 large onion finely chopped
    1 green pepper finely chopped
    1 C. fresh bread crumbs or saltine cracker crumbs (if using Italian sausage I use Italian bread crumbs)
    2 eggs lightly beaten
    1 cup bbq sauce
    1 cup shredded cheese
    Favorite bbq rub
    3 lbs. thick sliced bacon

    Weave strips of bacon together tightly (8 slices x 8 slices works well) and put aside after lightly covering it with rub.

    Mix all ingrediants but cheese in bowl using just 3/4 cup of bbq sauce. Once mixed, cover bacon weave with meatloaf mixture, add rub if desired. Spread cheese on top of meatloaf.

    Take one end of meatloaf (without bacon weave) and roll into a log as tightly as you can.

    Once the meatloaf is fully rolled up, pinch together the seams and ends to seal all of the cheese inside.

    Now roll meatloaf forward with the bacon weave making sure the seam is facing down and ends are bacon covered. Any bacon left over from weave can be added on top of roll.

    Sprinkle rub on outside of roll and place in smoker. Half an hour before desired temperature is reached, brush remaining 1/4 cup of bbq sauce on exterior.

    The popular Bacon Explosion inspired the above meatloaf. My family calls this dad’s “Meatloaf Explosion”. Enjoy!

    • A little late to this party, but…
      When you say “roll” do you mean “fold”? I’m having trouble picturing this going together. But it sounds fabulous!

  2. Kirk O'Leary says:

    Tried the smoked meatloaf….OUTSTANDING! I used your recipe and added a little of my old one at the last part of the cook. I mixed one half cup of kethcup with one half cup of grape jelly in a bowl and get it pretty creamy. Baste this all over your meatloaf and when it crisps you will not believe the flavor it gives to the meatloaf! Thanks for the info on all of your topics! love it!

  3. Haven’t tried smoking a meatloaf yet, but, instead of using ketchup or sauce for the topping, here is what I use. bring a can of tomato paste (must be paste) to a slow simmer on the stove. Add a little ketchup and some brown sugar, stirring continuously. Just a few minutes, spread it over the loaf in the last half hour of cooking. Can’t wait to smoke a loaf.

  4. Bubba Jane says:

    Love the smoked meatloaf!!!! Dont think I will ever bake one again.

  5. 918Jason says:

    This wasn’t the first smoked meatloaf I’d eaten, but the first one i smoked myself. This simple recipe was the best one I’ve ever had. I was running late and I just rough chopped 2 green peppers, large onion, and garlic. I threw it in the food processor and turned it into a slush. Sauteed it for about 8 min and mixed with the other ingredients. No large pieces of veggies for the kids to push to the side, and still had all the Flavor! It cooked a little faster than I expected and actually hit 172 before I pulled it off. It was still perfectly moist and delicious. I’d put money that 10 lbs of this meatloaf would go faster than 10lbs of pulled pork at a party. Cheap, easy, quick. This will be a summer time regular

  6. Southern Smokey says:

    A little trick to keep from having to watch the juices from the loaf is to use aluminum loaf pans and poke holes in the bottom. You can either put a them on a rack with a drip pan under them or I like to use a pan of liquid in my smoker when I make these and just let the drippings go into the pan it just adds a little flavor to whatever you have as your steam.


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