Getting Wood Ready to Burn

Sticks on FireboxGetting wood ready to burn in a wood fired smoker or a “stickburner” as we call them,  is a really good trick to know and it is as simple as placing several sticks of wood on top of your firebox.

When you need to add a stick you simply take one off with a pair of gloves or tongs and place the already hot and possibly smoking piece of wood into the firebox. It will burst into flames almost immediately and give you a lot cleaner smoke right from the start.

I like to have an assortment of small and medium sized sticks so I can choose one or the other depending on what I need when the time comes to add some wood to the fire.

Note: Do not leave the smoker unattended in this manner since the wood can very likely burst into flames right on top of the firebox. That is not a bad thing if you are watching it but left alone it could be unsafe especially if you have little ones around who might find it quite interesting.


  1. Geoff Parker-Dixon says:

    Silly question I know….but are your temperatures in F or C?

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