How to Get Rid of Spiders

We have been finding brown recluse spiders in the house quite frequently and so I have been researching how to get rid of spiders. As most of you know.. I like to handle pest control myself and while I don’t like spiders I have no desire to kill them all or anialate them, I just want them out of my house.

I understand their role in the ecosystem and appreciate that but when they are on my turf.. it is war time!

I have done extensive research on the subject and I am reporting my findings of what works and what does not work.

I am not going to get all bent out of shape over spiders that are harmless such as daddy long legs and others that are known to be harmless to humans but the ones that scare the bajeebers out of me are the brown recluse, also known as a fiddleback, and the black widow spider.

How to Get Rid of SpidersBrown recluse spiders are naturally not very aggressive and will usually only bite if it is a last resort and they feel their life is in danger if they do not.

The first step in getting rid of them is to remove their comfy environment.. they love to get in dark places such as inside of clothes and shoes on the floor, inside cardboard (they love cardboard), under the covers on the bedding, etc., they need areas with moisture such as in bathrooms and kitchens.

These are things that are fairly simple to take care of..

  • Remove the clutter
  • Don’t allow clothes to pile up on the floor
  • Get rid of cardboard boxes and use plastic bins instead
  • Make sure the bedding is not touching the floor
  • Take care of any unneccessary moisture such as leaky pipes, standing water, etc.

The next thing I disovered in how to get rid of spiders.. namely the brown recluse spider is the things that they do not like.

Apparently their taste buds are located on the tips of their legs so they will be very adament about not walking thru or hanging out in areas that contain tastes that they do not like.

They hate citrus such as lemon, orange, etc. and from what I understand.. the best thing you can do is to dust with lemon pledge. They also hate eucalyptus leaves.. another natural way to make them feel extremely unwelcome.

I read somewhere else where they do not like the smell of kerosene.. the source suggested wiping down window sills, door jams and any other area that might be used as access points with kerosene on a piece of newspaper.. that is not something I am willing to try but maybe it will appeal to someone.

Last but certainly not least.. be sure to shake out all shoes before putting them on as well as clothing.

If you have suggestions on how to get rid of spiders please feel free to send them my way.


  1. Im so glad I found this website because have brown recluse spiders in our house as well. Im am pregnant and I do not like to be around the sprays that the exterminator uses so Im looking for more natural ways to get the brown recluse spiders out. We have had the exterminator out 2 times now and Im still seeing them. I’ve actually laid eucalyptus leaves around our bed and it has seemed to help. The bedroom and the living room is where we have been seeing them the most, but we havent seen any in the bedroom since I’ve laid the eucalyptus leaves down. I do have a question though. The exterminator “smoked” the attic and the crawl space under the house. Does that actually kill the brown recluse spider or does it just run them off?

    • kathleen says:

      I have not heard of eucalyptus leaves as a deterrant but will try that. I use the sticky pads everywhere, vaccuum a lot, and today read that boric acid around house works well. I’m off to get boric acid!!

      • I live in a home that seems to have a recluse infestation. I applaud you for wanting to take care of it naturally, but also consider that the recluse can cause damage to anyone, but are more likely to cause damage in infants.

        As far as boric acid goes, don’t waste your time. I caught a brown recluse in a glass in my kitchen cabinet. I had also heard boric acid worked on brown recluses. I left that recluse sealed in the glass with a dusting of boric acid, and the spider was not affected. He was in there for 10-20 minutes, and he continued to crawl around just fine. Next, I transferred him to a glass with some insecticide in it. He died within 10-20 minutes. That being said, the boric acid DOES kill roaches, crickets, etc, and if you can get rid of those bugs (and remove their carcasses – recluses will chose a dead bug over a live one 80% of the time!!!), then you are on your way to ridding yourself of these awful creatures.

        We had the exterminator come out. We’ve put down at least 50 glue boards in our 3 bedroom home. We’ve sprayed inside and out with “over the counter” sprays. It all has worked to a degree – we’ve caught at least 150 recluses on the boards. I’ve found at least a dozen dead recluses next to where I sprayed. We aren’t seeing as many overall, however, they are still there. Just last night, there was one crawling up my bathroom wall. This is a bathroom I use daily, and it has lots of light during the day and into the night, and NO clutter. ICK!

        Oh, I also tried the lemon. I got lemon scented everything – pledge, pinesol, lysol, and real lemon, and I clean my hard floors with the pinesol, wiped down all of our wood trim with pledge, and clean the counters with lysol and lemon. They don’t seem to care enough to avoid it.

        • Jason Guy says:

          Thanks for posting this. I just moved into a home here in Florida, and kept finding these spiders inside and really didn’t think anything of it, other than I hate spiders of any kind. I was out by the pool, which is screened, and felt a small bite on the back of my leg. Well, it was one of those same type spiders I’ve seen inside, and that got me to investigating and looking for them. I still have a red spot that is lucky healing, but I’ve caught several more inside and I’m pretty sure they are brown recluse as I can’t find any other spiders to match them. The violin marking isn’t quite definable, but I’ve seen pictures online of recluse’s that don’t have a very defined violin. I’ve found these spiders in the bathroom, outside around the pool and in bright lit areas of the house, so it’s not all dark places they like. I have a cat of 13 years, so I’m cautious on pesticides, so if you come up with any other natural, proven methods please keep sharing. I’m paranoid now, these things are extremely dangerous, extremely.

          • did you ever find an answer to the problem………..i have just moved into a new home in europe and after three weeks i’m finding them all over the place……………’s quite horrible…………i’ve found them in closets, on sofas, running on the floor in broad daylight……………HELP!!!!!!!

          • It is extremely unlikely that you have/had a brown recluse infestation, I believe a total of 11 were ever found in Florida as of like 2003. If you are persistent in the idea please collect specimens and turn them into an arachnologist add this would be pretty groundbreaking news to them.

          • Pixierose1234 says:

            Hi Jason..Try Boric Acid Powder and also Natural Eucalyptus Oil. find Oil on AMAZON and Boric Acid at a drug store/Pharmacy. Good luck..These 2 things will work to rid brown recluse and repel them and also other pest including dust mites and icky roaches…also the eucalyptus smell nice too.

        • colleen says:

          I was curious if you have had any further success in eradicating the BRS. We have spent past year trying to seal our home (baseboards, cracks etc). Finally spoke with 3rd party energy company to help identify cracks/leaks in attic & crawlspaces. And then we plan to tent home & fumigate. Now biggest concern is the yard and them still getting back in. Do you know how to treat in yard?

          • try pouring used motor oil around the foundation of your home

          • Fran Farren says:

            We just found one in our house (in Delaware). Terminix confirmed it was a brown recluse and say we “may” have more. They want $15,000 to fumigate!!

          • Mop and wash everything down with Dr. Bronner’s Eucalyptus Castile Liquid Soap mixed with hot water. It seems to have worked for me.

        • Spiderfreenow says:

          The boric acid DOES work. It is not meant as an instant kill. The powder sticks to their exoskeleton and slowly seeps its way through to their internal organs, where it dissolves them and kills the spider. The spiders also carry it back to their nesting areas, where it gets onto other spiders and their egg sacs. it does work–speaking from experience!

      • Yes, Kathleen – I keep hearing and reading that bocic acid is very effective, and I assume harmless to cats, as it has many human uses. But I can’t find anyplace the explains HOW to apply it to rid these nasty biting reclouse spiders??
        Will very much appreciate any advise you may have. Thanks, Janice

        • Spiderfreenow says:

          Janice, boric acid is VERY dangerous to cats and humans. Yes, it has many uses, but the way it works on spiders, and other critters, is that it gets onto their exoskeleton as they crawl through it. It slowly, being an acid, works its way inside, where it dissolves their internal organs and kills them. In the meantime, they also carry it back to their nesting areas and spread it to other spiders and their egg sacs. If a cat crawls through boric acid and then licks its paws, it will get very, very ill and possibly die. The same with crawling babies. Put this powder ONLY where animals and people will NOT come into contact with it: behind refrigerators, under stoves, behind washers/dryers, into cracks behind baseboards, etc, where spiders live. It does work, but be VERY careful!

        • Roberto Sedlaski says:

          Years ago we applied Boric Acid behind our kitchen cabinets. Result: DEAD ants AND A DEAD HOUSE CAT. Use Boric Acid VERY carefully.

      • jerred shultz says:

        let me just say that i have brown recluse spiders thru out my house and read about boric acid. so i went and bought 3 1pound bottles and dusted it in the walls around the floorboards, let me just say everywhere.. i still have them and lately im seeing more. so i dont think that it works very well..hpoe this helps ya

      • Try diatamaceos earth. It is all natural and won’t harm humans or pets.

      • kathleen says:

        Be careful with boric acid…deadly to animals.

    • Hi,
      I read your post and I have the solution to you Should Know About! Most of the time when Terminix Sees this problem we know that 8 out of 10 times it is mainly an infestation in the attic or crawl space.
      The best way to make sure that you don’t get infested is to use a GREEN solution like boric acid. Not to sound like a sales man, Terminix can apply an insulation called Tap in you attic space that will stop an infestation before it begins! They can also treat the crawl space with Bore Thor- active ingredient Boric Acid. Not to mention you will be upgrading your home to be more energy efficient and get tax rebates to help offset the cost. I have only seen it necessary to do a Fumigation on a property with a Brown Recluse infestation once and that was before the TAP product came out.
      Also take a look at this web site-
      This is a product we All should have especially if you live in Sub Tropic climate.
      I am studding to be an Entomologist for Terminix, if you have any questions please feel free to ask.
      Good Luck!

    • I have brown recluse. I put night lights in every receptacle in the house. They do not like light. Especially around the bed since I put the night lights in no spiders in traps around bed.

    • funkystrings says:

      Be careful when reading these posts as to not get fooled ….as I have. I have not tried the Lemon or the tree oils and leaves as mentioned. But if I do, I’ll try them in mid summer when recluse activity is at it’s highest and the results from the glue board spider count can be verified. Sometimes we think the things we’re doing are having results due to seeing fewer recluse sightings for instance;

      Lindsey’s post (below) was entered on August 26th, 2012, when visible signs of active recluse activity is starting to decline. I can honestly say that I’ve never ever! seen one in late October, or through out the entire winter. Not even early spring. They seem to go into hibernation. Most activity has been during the hot, humid, “dog days of summer” and then sightings start becoming fewer and farther between.

      Other posts on this site are a little hard to believe. That they “love climbing on the ceiling to attack you while you sleep”. There’s a reason their called reclusive and are most effectively caught with glue traps if they are properly place at the baseboards. Along your walls). They hear you snoring as you sleep and are known to avoid human contact. The conscious is that most people are bitten in the tub, or when you surprise them as they are stuck in the bottom of your Kitchen or bathroom sink. It doesn’t seem to matter if the sink is stainless steal or plastic or porcelain. They can’t clime the low pores surface although they can climb walls and ceilings even if they are painted with semi-gloss. This is how they end up stuck in my tub. They do this when nobody is in the room.

      It seems to me that pulling the fridge, washer and dryer out, and then treating the center areas at the baseboard with Boric Acid or the Delta Dust and/or Demon WP mentioned hear, and then pushing those appliances back close to the walls, would protect our pets and children and still be affective.

      And definitely turn all of the circuit breakers off, remove all wall switch and receptacle plate covers and treat all your walls where they hide in the daytime while we are awake and occupying our homes. I don’t believe they’re nocturnal as I’ve seen them both day and night and they do walk your baseboards at night, again, trying to avoid human contact at all cost.

      Most importantly. If you return to a home that has been unoccupied during the summer, and see many dead recluses that got stuck in your tub and sinks. They’re not always dead just because they appear to be! I ran the water to try and wash them down the drain and the water revived some of them and they started fighting for their lives vary aggressively so watch out for that!

      • My house is infested with brs,and I’ve tried all methods to rid my place of them.All have failed except for glue traps.The recluses in my house certainly don’t live up to their name as we’ve seen them round the clock,and not just along baseboards,but everywhere just about. It’s habit for this family to check everything over before picking anything up,definetly clothing,shoes bath towels,etc. And never reach in areas you cannot see…..

        • kathleen says:

          My son recently talked to someone about brown recluse and he told us to get the salt lamps and put them in rooms where you see the recluse. He said it will draw them out and you may even find some dead in the room because it will kill them. I tried this in the small room in the garage and put sticky strips down. I noticed 8 recluse dead in the trap and one was even in the middle of the floor dead over the next few days. Put a new strip down and haven’t seen anymore. I know I have one in our bedroom and have the traps down and have only had one small spider (and not even sure it’s a recluse) in the trap. Don’t know it this really works but so far so good. If you are like me, you are desperate to get rid of these pests once and for all….it’s war BRS!!!

    • I will tell you from experience, and from having had extensive conversations with an arachnid specialist who was studying brown recluse spiders and their territorial behavior and mating traits, there are a few thung s people should know. Recluses are attracted to certain locations over others sometimes simply by scent – they are very odor driven. If the food supply weakens, if poison is put out, traps set, etc, the spiders will still be drawn to the place if the attracting scents remain. If you don’t want (or can’t use) long lasting poisons/dust such as boric acid, Raid Spider/Scorpion treatment…. Then there are a few other options. If you have no pet rodents or small mammals (besides dogs and cats), the electronic and ultrasonic insect/rodent repellents that you plug in to the wall work FANTASTIC and are cheap. One for each level of a normal sized house. Also, brown recluses, like ALL spiders have taste buds on their feet and won’t go anywhere they don’t like the “taste” of…. Like lemon, eucalyptus, pine Sol (citrus), alumm.

      Hope this helps!!

    • I’ve lived in the same house in Nashville, TN for 8 years. I didn’t know it had recluse when I bought it but was bit in KS as a child so I knew what I was dealing with. I’ve never been bit in this house but after finding one in my bed it was war. I don’t have children so I was willing to try Delta Dust. I used a paint brush to dust base boards in closets, behind furniture, under door jams & any place my dogs couldn’t touch it. Almost every inch of my shed is dusted as they love that place. Along with the glue boards it’s made a huge difference. I find them dead where they walk through the dust. If you can use it safely I highly recommend it. I also heard they hate the smell of peppermint oil so I soaked cotton balls in the oil & place them strategically.

  2. Mark A. Lovell says:

    I’m spending about 20 bucks a week on these glue traps and still these buggers get through. I bought some spray and bombs at Lowe’s…seems to help more, but that was another 50 bucks. I am renting the home. Is there any culpability on the owners part to assist in eradicating these nasty arachnids?

    • I mentioned the problem to my landlord, emphasizing that the problem was preexisting – we didn’t bring it in, and I knew that because we had lived just up the street in an even older house. We had glue boards there, and not a single brown recluse. I asked politely if there was anything I could do, asked them if they would help, but also let them know that I was not thrilled about moving into their property that was infested with recluses, and that I would be less than thrilled to have to pay for any doctor visits (not to mention skin grafts, antibiotics, cortisone shots, etc). That did the trick! Be nice, but persistent. Document, document, document!!! Write down everything, and take pictures of the recluses you catch with something in the background that proves its in the rental. Nothing may ever come of it, but if you did get bit and had to undergo months of doctor visits, it may help you in a lawsuit???

  3. “Sticky pads” and frequent vaccuuming is also very helpful.

  4. “Sticky pads” and frequent vaccuuming is also very helpful. I have also used ALL lemon products available for cleaning and air freshening. I have sprayed repeatedly around the perimeter of the house with various insecticides,sprayed under the house as far as possible, used bombs in both attic&under house,used sulfur dioxide(smoke bombs), epsom salts, osage orange balls, and hydrated lime!!!!! Just ordered Demon WP and Delta Dust to try these products. Got 2 cats and they now live under the house!!! All this over the past 3 months!! We still have the spiders, just fewer of them. Now seeing baby recluse spiders…very hard to see, so I’ve increased the vaccuuming. Praying for these demons to leave the property. Hope that helps as nothing else seems truly effective.

  5. My grandma and I have put down sticky pads and we put it down a week or so and we picked it up today and there was a cricket, and 7 Brown Recluses!!! So they Really do work!! Thanks website!!

  6. We have brown recluse in our home and this spring I sealed all of my heating and air vents around the edges. Recluse like to live on top of the vents and they climb up the vents and into your home around the space where the vent fits into your flooring. I sealed off any way that they could crawl into my home around the vents using a caulk gun. It has helped tremendously. I would still love to get rid of these pests completely.

    • Mindi Fay says:

      Thank you so much LInda, We moved into this house about 5 months ago and of course the brown recluses come out in starting in May. Well I discovered the first spider on the granite wall in the shower…lolz I ran of course I am petrified of spiders I hate them, only those who do damage. We have tons of vents in the floor so I am going to buy screen material to glue over the flat vents so we can still have our central air blow but with the screens protecting anything from coming in. I really want to get rid of these pest badly, I can’t stand them!

      • kathleen says:

        Someone recommended the salt lamps in the rooms. So I have done this and it seems to be working. It’s supposed to bring them out (caught 8 in trap) and one dead on the floor. Sure hope this is an answer.

  7. Just tonight, I was going out the door of my home to get my “Baby” her blanket out of the car and just before reaching for the door handle, there it was just inches from me reaching out to close for it to get me…not the fact of getting bit by the little devil but, the fact that my 11 month old daughter plays in and around the door all the time looking out the glass at the dogs and cat…this is so scary that I am really worried about her playing anywhere in the home now…with all the ideas that everyone has provided on here…I will be headed out to the hardware store tomorrow to get all these sticky pads and see how many more of these creepy crawls I can get…I did find one thing that kills them and that was a flip flop…priceless…

  8. I have these scary critters too! They love my attic and bathroom. First and foremost, most of the pesticides at lowes, home depot, etc. DO NOT KILL RECLUSES! Look on the bottle, can, or etc. and it will state if it kills them. If it doesn’t state anything about a recluse then it doesn’t. My pesticide people tell me their chemicals do not work unless sprayed directly on the spider. They have protection on the bottom of there legs, that’s why they are hard to get rid of. Sticky traps and a shoe is what I have found most usefull.

  9. Just this morning my seven year old son was putting on his shoe and while he was busy messing with his toes he looked up in time to see a recluse running into his shoe. I shook it out examined it and yes it was another recluse and this is January in Oklahoma. It has been unusually warm this winter so I guess they are not hibernating as usual. I have been bitten myself on my leg two summers ago and have tried everything to get rid of them. I have tried glue traps, Orkin, sprays, boric acid, orange slices, horse apples, etc. etc.etc. I still have them. I am going to try eucalyptus next. They have caused me so much depression cause I am buying this house. Part of me just wants to abandon the whole ship. Say screw it all. Throw everything away and give up. I think that is the only way I will truly be rid of them.

    • I feel that way to! I’m a nervous wreck!

    • I found a brown recluse in my bath tub last was hard to didn’t fight back either….i sealed my bath room im worried how many more do I have..i have find ways get rid of these monsters..

  10. Personally, I have found that the vacumn cleaner works best to remove both eggs and the host. Ive been bitten at least twice a year and suspect I have on occassion been bitten while working outside in the garden. I never feel the bite or see them, but always see the result. I have a suspicion that clothes in dark closets is where my culprits hang out most. Vacumn, vacumn vacumn.
    I have found that the application of raw vinegar does kill the bite juces if applied soon after dected on skin surface. This I understand to be an ages old treatment.

  11. crystal avila says:

    My husband told me today that he found one of these spiders out side our home in Texas!!!! Then he called back and said one was in his sock!!!! I’m going back home with my two children I am scared for them to go back to a home with these spiders!!! So i will have him try the sticky pads and also i will do research on this!!! I have all wood floor and tile so I do not vaccum !!!! I sweep and mop so if any of u no what could help me I would love to hear what u have to say thanks!!!!

    • wanda miller says:

      moved into a place 2 yrs ago full of brown recluse since then i have bought many glue pads seems to work plus have electronic devices my place is close 2 1100sq ft i ck my traps often lately have not caught any spiders so this mean they gone dont kmown were are they @

    • Melanie Wylie says:

      I live in Southeast Texas, and we have critters of all kinds. I use Demon inside and out, the whole perimeter, outside of windows, and doors, all outside and inside door facings, inside windows…. I hose them, all baseboards. It works great, but outside it quits working once it rains.
      One home I lived in was in the country, and I fought bugs almost the whole time I lived there until I used Diazinon. Demon is pretty good, but a dose of Diazinon and they’re GONE!! I’ve been bitten by a recluse before, so I don’t take chances with spiders of any kind.
      Diazinon does have a strong odor, but I took my puppy outside, opened all windows and we were all just fine and bug free….that was a long time ago, not sure if they still sell it, bit Google it, maybe you can find someone still selling it, I’m looking for it myself, that’s how I came across this page…..good luck everyone!

  12. i figured out that this method works on eney spider just get a size 12 mens shoe and stomp that *****

  13. I have been cleaning my garage and have killed 100s of fiddlebacks. The method I use is the heat method. A propane torch. Iexamine all the nooks and crannies and when I see one I light it up. Something very satisfying about the sizzle. I got bit by one on the inner thigh a year ago and I’ve been working to get rid of them since. It was to the point in my garage (shop) that I could predict where they would be. This winter while it was cold I went out and pulled out boards I had stacked and killed nests of these things. I am sprayfoaming the perimeter of the garage and am also in the process of cleaning around it. Pesticides don’t work. Fire does 🙂

  14. I also have big black ones twice now in the morning in my kitchen sink! My husband said they are drain spiders. I have white spiders and brown ones everywhere. When I clean I never run into any of them!!!

  15. I am curious to know if anyone has tried to dehumidify. It seems these spiders like humidity. If you dehumidify, killing the bugs they live on, perhaps the spiders would either die or leave. I am thinking you get rid of their food source, you get rid of the spiders.

    • I do have a dehumidifier in our basement, but it doesn’s seem to matter to the spiders. we still have several of them down there, and our 4 year old plays down there all day. thankfully she knows she’s not supposed to touch spiders, just yells to us that she sees one so we can kill it.

  16. Will they be in the covers of your bed when the covers are on the bed?????

    • Felicia says:

      My aunt just found one in my 7 year old cousins bed.

    • Stephanie M. says:

      Yes, they definately get into covers. My husband and I both have been woke up in the night with them crawling on us. They seem to show themseleves every few days. We won’t see any new ones crawling around or stuck on glue traps and then we will see 4 or five in a day. They are persistent, but the glue traps definately kill them.

  17. i’m so sick of these things.. i think i’m going to try some of thse tips but i’m scared to death of these things..and my 5 yr old got bit by one not to long ago..

  18. Robert says:

    We’ve been killing about one of these a day here recently. I was always hoping it was a wolf spider, but on a recent kill, we found the tell-tale violin on it. I live in Central Kentucky in a rental property, and I find myself with flashlight at night doing random ‘spot checks’ on the wall. I plan to try some glueboards very very soon and go from there.

    • I purchased a condo in Madisonville, KY and have been fighting these things for the last 6 years. Landlord refuses to do anything. These units are built on a concrete slab and have no crawl space. I’ve tried bug bombs, pesticides, etc. the only thing that works are the glue traps. Anyone want to buy a condo at a great price?

      • If you find anyone to buy your condo tell them I have a house for sale at a great price. *Also infested with brown recluse*

  19. diatemaceous earth also natural way to rid yourself of spiders and other insects.

  20. This is what I recommend, I live in West Ky and we are loaded with the little creatures. I live with them everyday and dont do anything other than try and keep my place clean and lay traps around specific areas. If you worried about them, get some double sided (carpet tape) tape and wrap the legs of the bed, get rid of the bed decoration, shames and stuff. Put double sided tape around air and heat registers, wrap the legs of other pieces of furniture if need be.Use the tape anyplace you think you need to.
    The tape is hardly noticeable if you get the clear. I only use spider traps in the dark places like closets and storage areas.

    You can look around on the web and get sprays and powders to get rid of them and it is recommended to treat inside and outside the home. The down side of them.. they arent very user friendly, must keep awy from pets and the kids. Another issue is if you treat an area. they are likely to move somewhere else that isnt treated.

  21. We were lucky enough to buy a house in middle TN with a confirmed brown recluse infestation. We have battled them for over three years now and suspect they will always be here. We’ve had an exterminator spray multiple times and have dozens of glue traps all over and they do catch a lot of them but I feel that there is no way to completely wipe them out. We have an 11 month old so we have not exterminated in a year. This morning I found a huge one in the dryer with our clothes. How did it get in there??? No idea what to do about them. I guess we’ll just have to live with them.

    • Aside from glue traps decorating every room in our house and going on recluse hunts,my family and I have learned to live with them.I swear the walls in our house are insulated with the little boogers.Short of burning your house to the ground,you’ll never be rid of them

  22. i have spiders, but im not sure if there brown recluse or not, im pretty sure they are. i have a 2 yearold daughter and she hangs out in the living room and thats where i find the spiders. always in the same corner but i have searched and searched and cant find where there coming from. obviously i dont want to use poison because of my baby but i dont know what else to do. what should i do??

  23. Heather parks says:

    I to live in Nashville in the same house for 11 years and just killed my first recluse in my kitchen. I am taking both the home remedy approach and will be meeting with Macks pest control on Monday. I have spent my weekend reading about this nasty little devil and natural remedies to help detour it from the home. I’m finding that eucalyptus oil as well as cedar oil can be sprayed to keep them at bay. Now we are not talking about sprinkling wood chips under the bed or the leaves from your local florist. I’m talking about ordering 100% essential oil. Your home is going to have a distinct smell that won’t be intrusive but more pleasant, but it sure beats crawling in beds with an extra 4 pair of legs and a kiss that bites.

  24. Has anyone successfully rid themselves of recluses?

    • michelle daugherty says:

      pinesol and eucalyptus leaves everywhere in your house.

      • I have researched Recluses for a while now and have not heard of anyone getting rid of them and where the Recluses are there’s usually Widows. We have them both here in a house in Homosassa Florida that we bought. My dog has been severely bitten by a Recluse. I my self have been bitten by a Widow. We have only been here a couple weeks. The recluses grow to be GIANT. There impossible to get rid of. The BEST method is to remove your self and your family from them if you want to be safe!!!!!! As soon as possible!!!!!!

    • That’s what Iwould like to know.

  25. I live in the Nashville area also and I’m a landlord, one of my rentals was infested two years ago and I paid $599.99 for brown recluse exterminating. The exterminator used boric acid around all the floor registers and behind all the outlet and switch plates, we also used the glue traps all around the house. The price included twelve monthly revisits by the exterminator, they would check and replace the glue traps and reapply the boric acid. He told us the boric acid doesn’t kill them just by it getting on them, but after they go back to their nest and groom themselves and ingest it. Thats why he put it in places where they have to crawl through tight spots, he also said they are belly draggers so they will get it on themselves. We started out catching quite a few at first with the glue traps, but by the end of the year we weren’t see any on a monthly basis. My renters still keep the glue traps out (just not as many) and they find one every four or five months. If I were to find myself in that situation again I wouldn’t waste that much money for the exterminator, thats why I’m not giving their name, I can buy the boric acid and glue traps at a hardware store and check them myself, thats really all they did. Hope this helps someone.

    • How did they apply the Boric Acid to the light switches? Do we just raise our vents up and put this around the vent areas? I am freaking out over these things. I have a special needs child who can not get them off her if they get on her and we have them pretty bad.

    • Heather says:

      For the person who is in Nashville you can buy the sticky traps in bulk at Odems. I think they are on Dickerson. I got 250 for $25.

    • Michelle says:

      I have studied BRS for many years. BRS do not groom themselves which is why no spray kills them unless you spray them directly so your exterminator was full of it. The key is spray to kill all the bugs the BRS will eat; as long as you have no other bugs they will begin to leave. However, just so you all know only the females are poisonous and they eat the male after mating. I live in MO and 9 out 10 homes have them; we use sticky pads to keep their numbers down. I have heard that vanilla extract works but have not tried it yet.

    • A former pest control guy told me that brown recluse spiders do not groom themselves, and walk on “tiptoes”, so rarely absorb insecticides. He said the best way to kill them, is with glue boards (sticky traps). Lay them on the floor, right next to baseboards, especially on either side of the head of your bed, and under windows. You would have to spray directly on them in order to actually kill them. They are”hunter”spiders, which do not spin webs, but hunt for their prey, or jump out when something or someone gets in their way. They like to lay their eggs up in the corners of windows, and up under drapes, so they won’t be disturbed. Their egg sacs look like tiny cotton balls, and are sticky. Get rid of the eggs, and you will vastly reduce their numbers, but may still get adult spiders coming in around your windows. That’s where the glue boards are effective.

  26. I live in an area where recluses and pretty uncommon. I’ve already been bit once, but I only got the red ring arond it and it went away luckily. I’ve been seeing them everyday and I’ve had several close calls with them. Nothings working and we really don’t want to call an exterminator because of all the animals.

  27. hi all. I live in Texas and this year, we are being overrun by Brown Recluse. I purchased the Brown Recluse glue traps at the local hardware store and have them in each bathroom. In 3 weeks, we have caught 1 Brown Recluse. The rest of the traps are empty. Last night, I woke up to something crawling on my arm, gently brushed it off and sure enough, it was a Brown Recluse. I guess the next step is one of the Pyrethrins. They are “OK” around pets and that is what the local pest company uses, but I can do it MUCH cheaper. I am READY TO GET RID OF THESE BUGS!!!

  28. Heather says:

    I forgot to add do not place wood piles of any kind next to your home. They love them and it invites them into your home. I was told that from a UT etymologist.

  29. Lindsey says:

    We have a ridiculous amount of them in my house.. They are everywhere. I kill 3-4 a day sometimes. They scare the ever living crap out of me! I wish there was a way to really get rid of them.. I just want to sell my house and get out of here!!!!!

    • I feel the EXACT SAME WAY! They creep me out and I am SICK of them!! It’s been 6 years now that we have been battling them. I am always scared to death my kids are going to get bitten. We try to keep things picked up as best we can, and our house is really very clean, but regardless, they are in our bathroom and master closet, and I just don’t know what else to do. I think SO often, that I just want to MOVE!!

    • Very smart,dont waste time thinking about it,just do it

  30. Shaunah ( I am SCARED) Please HELP says:

    I am finding about 1 brown recluse a day. I am really starting to freak out because it started as maybe one a week and now it is growing. I have tried lemon juice mixed with water and its not working. I really dont understand where they are getting in at. Anyone heard of these things coming up through drains??? They always seem to be in the bathroom……but that, in my opinion, is the most sealed room in the house. This morning, I showered with one….yup! NOT COOL!!! Hope he got nice and clean before I soaked him in Windex for about 3 hours and then smashe him on the sidewalk with my size 10 shoe. Yesterday, I caught one and microwaved him. He ran around for 10 seconds before finally frying. These things are crazy. I don’t get it. If I had the money….I would burn my house down and build a new one……IS THERE ANY WAY TO TRULY GET RID OF THESE USELESS SPIDERS? Some one really needs to invent something that kills these things for good. I hate them and I want them all dead!!! These things are not animals or insects….they are evil. Please HELP!!!

    • William says:

      It’s been so hot and dry this year they’re really coming indoors to get cool and find moisture. Unfortunately if you have an infestation it’s all hands on deck. I found a helpful website “do my own pest control” dot com. I hope the moderator lets this post go through. The website has a lot of good info for getting rid of brown recluse spiders.

    • michelle daugherty says:

      Pinesol everynight spray down the base boards and around the windows make sure you lightly wet the floors down everynight I dont see them if I do that but if I dont spray evrynight then you will see them.The only thing I say try it.

    • I used spray of soap and water (dish soap and water )on ares of my was fine when I quit for a year.i got brown recluses.i wish things would quit breeding..they hate cold weather bathroom try any kind of home remedy get rid these psyhcos..

    • I think brown recluses come from drains.every time I seen one been in the tub or freaking out..i used raid in my house and I still got them.baking soda is better than boric acid cause it is more safe,does samething.

  31. Chastity says:

    Everytime I find a Brown Recluse, I zap it with the Electric Fly Swatter and make sure they pop and sizzle a couple of times before I dump them in the toliet.

  32. Howard Garrett (the Dirt Doctor) says that mud daubbers (wasps) eat brown recluse and black widows. SO DON’T KILL YOUR MUD DAUBBER NESTS!!!! We gotta know who is the real enemy here. I’ve also heard that scorpions eat brown recluse. I’ve been bit by both and the scorpion is way easier to handle….not fun…but no permanent damage either from a scorpion.

    • William says:

      Gray jumping spiders also kill brown recluse. They are defenseless against the attack from above. Don’t kill the little gray furry jumping spiders if you can help it. And yes, wasps also kill brown recluse.

  33. Jamie Fawn says:

    I’m in a rental property in Charlotte, NC. I’m a city girl from up north, with other northern roommates. Needless to say, we are freaked out over these spiders. We’re seeing one a day at least now and we’re not sure what kind they are but they are definitely all different colors. Landlord says they have a treatment for the weekend but thats just too far away!! What can we do to keep these things out? We’re in a ground apartment if that helps.

  34. William says:

    Instead of using glue traps which are limited in area, I use long strips of gray tape, ends folder over so my fingers don’t stick to it, and lay them along the sides of my beds and other strategic locations around the house. This is a lot cheaper than glue boards, and I can cover a lot more traffic area with foot long strips of tape. Buy the wider rolls.

    • I think setting off bug bombs made to kill spiders,(be sure and check the box) has really helped us,and I have sprayed around the house 3 times. We had browns coming in our home for the first time this April after 18 years of living here, barely saw spiders, or bugs for that matter. First mild winter ever, seems to be a large part of the BR activity. The BR made our news the week after they arrived in our home, and it was stated that several homeowners, and companies, were calling in exterminators due to the invasion of BRs. We also had a hail storm in our area a year ago, and all the homes in our area got new roofs which many were shake shingles replaced with composite. We were told that the browns loved the attic which provided them with silverfish, and now a great part of their food was eliminated,and the roof was sealed with plywood, and the only place they could go search for food, would be inside our homes. We also set out sticky traps, which has caught some, and helps to eliminate them when you are sleeping, and they are up and hunting. With the bug bomb treatments, 2 since April, we placed them in our attic, two levels in our home, basement, and the garage,12 cans. It seems to have really helped. However, we did it at a late time in the evening (7:30 to 8:00p.m.), so that we were exposing them to the spray when they would likely be out hunting. Since the spray needs to contact them in order to kill, during the day they are hiding. It does make for a very late night or early morning, if you plan on coming home to air out. We left for 4 hours, came home at midnight, and aired the house for an hour, since it was strong smelling, and the carpet seemed moist where the cans were placed, even with plastic bags placed under them. So, after an hour we came in, cleaned up, and readied our beds for sleep. We did this twice, and we are catching a few here and there on the glue traps. Some seem affected from the spray, they look really brittle on the trap. When they try to get loose they break off their legs. It is as if the chemicals are working and they are dehydrated. So, if you think you are up for a late night, we returned because it is hot and I wanted to turn our air conditioner back on, also our refrigerator. Be sure to turn off any appliances that cycle, or have gas supplied to them. (water heater, stove etc.) Good luck, and if you try this,I would appreciate hearing from you. Thanks, I can relate with all of you and how horrible and upsetting this has been. All are in my prayers. Hopefully we can find resolve in some method in dealing with control of these unpleasant visitors. I am praying for an extremely cold, I mean brrrrrr cold winter.

      • colleen says:

        Unfortunately our year worth of sealing and treatments have not eradicated our BR population. We are considering having a 3rd party tent the whole house and fumigate, have you considered this option yet?

        • daddy long leg and house cinnnapede kill the brown recluses.what I heard.i bought fabuloso kill my brown try other items too..

  35. Just wanted to let everyone know that vinegar kills these spiders. I have been cleaning my closets and getting rid of the clutter with a spray bottle full of regular white vinegar with me. If you see one of therse spiders in a hard to reach spot or a corner, spray it a few times with vinegar, at first it slows it down and within a few seconds kills it! My plan is to clean out all of our closets, get rid of the clutter, place sticky pads everywhere, call Terminex for the outside and attic, and to have my bottle of vinegar and my flipflops close by!

  36. michelle daugherty says:

    I spray my house and my two rooms everynight windows inside and out.I havent seen any brown spiders in my house.I was killing five to ten a night before I sprayed if I dont spray everynight they come out.Make sure you spray the floors down make them where they are somewhat wet and spray before it gets darks before they come out and hunt.I am so scared of these spiders.I got so sick of seeing them in my house I just moved into this old house and the people before me were nasty.I make sure her room is cleaned up before it gets dark.I also make sure my room doesnt have anything on the room or against the walls where they can climb on my things and try to nest.I also make sure all shoes are in closed bags so they cant nest.I make sure they cant nest or eat in my house thats the plan.I hope it works.

  37. michelle daugherty says:

    I didnt say who she was it is my three year old child.

  38. I’ve had two spiders crawl on me in the past 24 hours I think they are in my couch. I did buy a bissel floor steam cleaner which can be used on hard floors and carpet as well as other places it came with eucalyptus water. I’m going to try vacuuming and steaming the floors and couch tomorrow.

  39. We just bought a house in the OKC
    Area & are really infested with
    Brown recluse
    The house has floor vents in the slab
    Sadly we have tons of boxes to unpack
    I am freaking out even opening all of them
    since the spiders are everywhere
    Going to try euculyptes oil & pinesol
    But what about the boxes we are storing
    Bomb the room ?
    Slowed to a snails pace
    going through these boxes out of pure fear
    Until this experience I had always thought
    Spiders were good 🙁
    Also know your spiders wolf spiders Are good
    Scary looking I know but not dangerous

  40. kathleen says:

    I have been fighting these recluse spiders for over a year now since we purchased a house in middle TN. Things are much better this summer than last summer. I have been using pure lemon oil mixed with water to clean hardwood floors once or twice a week. I think this has helped. Large bottles of the pure il can be found on ebay. I have also drilled small holes in many of the walls in our home and sprayed Delta Dust and also Demon WP in these holes,sealed back up with plaster.I feel these two products, Delta Dust and Demon WP have really been helpful. I continue to spray around the house about every ther week with Demn WP and also Delta Dust. Although the products say they last for several months, I think the persistence and frequency of treating all areas has been very effective in helping rid these creatures from the house.They are constantly crawling , looking for places to set up “housekeeping”, so I feel I have to constantly fight to keep them gone. I have read the recluse is called the “dirty spider” due to never cleaning itself, so I think boric acid is useless.. Some exterminators use Borid(boric acid). It is not manufactured to kill the recluse.Save your money! Sticky pads under bedlegs will help you sleep better!Keep up the fight!!!!

    • That wont keep them from jumping on your bed from the ceiling or walls at night!!! These little bastards LOVE doing that!

  41. Thank god I found this website because I was just cleaning my room and I took my sheets off of my bed and I saw this spider and I flipped right out. URGG I HATE SPIDERS and does any one know where they come from???

  42. use a can of “hot shot”,spray around doors windows,corners of rooms–does smell but works for 4 months,also comes in lg garden(gallon)container with long tube and hand held sprayer–works up to 6 months for outdoors.have had good luck with this for years.
    buy at home depot ,lowes just about anywhere–good luck

  43. BEWARE WHEN USING SPRAY! if you use bug sprays with brown recluses a lot of the time they wont go away and it will make them more aggressive! probably the best thing would to use natural things like the lemon(i have not tired it yet but im going to)

  44. Hi, my husband and I have recently been finding a couple of brown recluses every once in a while in our apartment. We live in tennesssee which is common place to have them. I am greatly opposed to using chemical methods so I bought some pure essential eucalyptus oil from whole foods and combined about 15-20 drops per 6 ounces of water along with some Meyers clean day essential lavender oil soap in a spray bottle. I sprayed everywhere in my house and also laid out glue traps under furniture and in corners and near windows. We have only caught 2 spiders, which leads me to think we don’t have many, but the spray and traps are definitely working! You can also get essential oils of peppermint, lavender, lemon, and a few others I have read about online. Hope this helps. I would also advise you to read about pesticides before you put them in your house, since I read that they can make the spiders more aggressive Not Good!

  45. Spiders are not killed by spraying poison unless you get it on them. They will not die unless the spray gets on them. This is why you see your exterminator installing glue traps. If they ever spray for spiders, it would only be to satisfy a panicky customer.
    Boric Acid kills slowly, but it does kill. The person who said that they gave the spider 20 minutes to die in a jar that was dusted with Boric Acid, did not wait long enough. Boric Acid is not the best way to deal with Spiders, it works by ingesting it, when some bugs groom themselves. Spiders don’t do that. The other thing that is even harder to control/kill are White footed ants. They are working their way up the east coast, and look like sweet ants, or Pharaoh ants. None of what you use to kill sweet ants will kill White Footed ants. they look very similar, but you will need a pro to deal with White Footed ants. The White Footed ant does not take food back to the nest to feed the queen. They are nearly impossible to kill, and are mainly only controlled by spraying a poison around the perimeter of your home. It is a poison that you cannot buy, call a pro.
    You can only tell they are white footed ants by close inspection, or by the fact that you can never get rid of them on your own.

  46. Amber Kinsey says:

    Look, I’m your average teenage girl who can not stand spiders.
    The way my room is set up, the head board part of my bed is in my closet. (I find it very unique! & quite cozy!)

    I may notice this more sense my bed is halfway inside a closet, but i Have ALWAYS had a brown-recluse problem.

    Actually, just about 10 mins ago I woke up to one crawling on my arm!
    uuughagaaggah! Just looking at that picture of the spider gives me chills!
    So, I looked up on how to get rid of them.
    It’s quite peculiar that you say they love cardboard, because I know for a fact that i have an old Whales Crackers snack box left there in a result of my laziness, I KNEW i heard something crawling around in there, but I just never bothered to look. But sure enough! Here comes the little bastard! Making his way up my arm! -__-
    At the moment, the spaces between my bed & my closet walls are barricaded with blankets & pillows. I’ll be sure to get whatever products I can to get rid of these little rascals!

    Are they not one of the most deadly spiders??

  47. I think this is the type of spider that bit my husband. I looked at the bite mark to see if I saw 2 small holes to determine if it was a bite.I did not see any holes. The bite mark is like a big hive the size of a tennis ball and the under the skin is very hard. and itchy. Is this a bite from a Brown Recluse Spider.

  48. I have had a brown recluse infestation since the spring. We had a very mild winter in Nashville (a lot of Nashville people infested this year!) and reports of brownie infestations are rampant. I have a pest company that comes once a month and adds glue traps, dusts and sprays. I also put out glue traps and used gorilla tape sticky side out on my bedposts and went to sleeping with just a single light colored sheet and as it gets cooler just a light blanket. I am a lot colder, but I can check easily for spiders before going to bed. I rented a dumpster and completely cleaned out my garage and got everything off of the floor that I could and caulked any voids and openings. That has helped tremendously. They were very strong in the attic and my bedroom is above the garage and below the main part of the attic (ugh). I bet money they are heavy in the walls inbetween also. It has been a constant battle- I would say glue traps have been highly effective, but you never know how many are avoiding the glue traps. Shake out all clothing and shoes before wear. My bug guy said they rarely crawl up walls, etc., but after reading many posts about these spiders and seeing some of the videos online I now believe they can crawl anywhere they want. I wish this upon no one.

  49. Getting rid of clutter will work. We never wanted to spray, as we had three young children. It took us a couple of years of moving stuff and getting rid of things, but it will eventually work. Also, keep moving stuff about. Don’t let things sit for too long. Clean and vacuum. We moved here 23 years ago, and our house was infested with those darn things. An entomologist here in St. Louis told us the only real way to get rid of them is to get rid of clutter. He was right. We rarely see one in our home.

    • colleen says:

      Peggy- I too live in STL and am going through a BR infestation. We are slowly networking with families here locally to share ideas, experiences etc. Please respond if interested in speaking.

      • Hi, I’m in St. Louis (kirkwood) and am starting to see a lot of brown recluses)

        Shoot me an email and we can discuss strategy!


  50. this is the best insecticide Bayer “Suspend SC” it is not sold in all states but internet / mail order can be done.

  51. I would also suggest cedar chips or shavings around the perimeter of your home. This messes with creatures with simple respiratory systems like spiders, insects and even reptiles. Its a cheap and simple preventative measure but won’t help if you already have them in your home. Good luck!

    • Mindi Fay says:

      I am really freaked out, Our whole house is made of Cedar and we are having these darn spiders around…im screening all air vents on floors and using every single thing that worked on this page…so wish us luck…

  52. I found this thread and you people are crazy! Get some jumping spiders and release them around your house! They are not harmful to humans ( even look kinda cute) and will kill every brown recluse in your house! After they are done killing all the bugs in your house they will go away!!!

    • Exactly! The Jumping Spider will do search & destroy missions in your home killing BR amongst other insect pests and the good thing is, they don’t live past 3 days without food – so once their job is done they either die off or move on, meaning no Jumping Spider infestation. Plus they are harmless to humans and big plus (!) they do not want to hit the sack with you or wear your clothes. Only problem (I guess) is where to find a 100 of them to unleash in your house (one) – second, if you do find out where to find them (any suggestions?), make sure al of the above mentioned “remedies” i.e. insecticides are not present. No use killing those things that will help you. Speaking of which, I have caught a few Daddy Long Legs and let them move in rent-free, well, they have to kill a few BR in order to stay.

      • Yeah, I laid out glue traps to catch BR’s and ended up with five HUGE wolf spiders on my traps and five BR’s. I was sad about the wolf spiders. They were probably helping.

      • I’ve been surprised that no one has mentioned that the wolf spider eats the brown recluse. I bought the house I grew up in and this house has always had some BR but I’ve found that nature along with sticky traps at least keep them in the attic and basement only to deal with them in the fall as activity with crickets come in to the basement. As long as I keep new traps down. We don’t have much activity but with that said I know that I still have them around. I also keep a BR first aid kit in my home. Yes they do sell them. And yes I can’t stand to let the wolf spiders in my living space but if they will stay in the yard, garage, basement anywhere but where we are I will let them be because I know they eat the others that cause harm. Here in Kansas we deal with Brown recluse and Black Widows so learning how nature can help out a little is helpful. The Black widow I learned that peppermint oil and water in a spray bottle. Spraying around your windows and doors works great.

    • Where can you get jumping spiders? I assume they don’t sell them on eBay.

    • What’s the website?wheredo you get jumping spiders?

  53. Victoria Davis says:

    We just purchased a lake house 6 months ago. We have killed 30 brown recluse spiders all sizes in the past 2 weeks. We have had pest people spray a mist heavy in attic. And I have several sticky traps which do work some. I am terrified! Wished I knew answer!

  54. My pastor is a full time pest control manager. His honest advise is that you never get rid of the brown recluse but you can cut them down to a minimum. The advise he gave my brother was to caulk around all switch plates and socket covers, caulk base boards, crown molding, windows, and doors. No clutter, vacuum often, Use glue traps. I know boric acid kills many other bugs, does not seem to work on spiders for me. Ortho home defense seems to work on most spiders for me, sprayed about every 30 days. Fix any leaks, they do like their water.

  55. Geebi Hibdon says:

    We just purchased a house in Middle TN and are having the BR problem. I have lived in this area my whole life and have never had problems with this spider. I honestly don’t think it’s possible to completely eliminate them but you can sure give them a KO punch but you have to be consistent. Glue traps are #1, use them where you can. There is one pesticide that I have used that works, it’s called ONSLAUGHT. Our exterminator came out and sprayed and said I could buy it myself and treat so that’s what I’m doing. He said it was good for about 3 months but I am doing it every 30 days. The Onslaught kills them, it’s a microencapsulated insecticide that sticks to spiders and kills them. There are not many products that kill the Black Widow and Brown Recluse but this does. It’s not am immediate kill but it get them.

  56. Juan sin miedo says:

    I used the kerosene and you’re right, i can’t find one spider in the ash of my former home. Thanks 🙂

  57. Ya’ll need to find out about Diatomaceous Earth. It is a microscopic natural product, like tiny razor blades. It does tons more of things:
    But best of all it kills all ectoskelton creatures. It pierces the skeleton and the insect drys up the insect. Check out this Mother Earth news site:
    Dust it around your house. Check it out on the internet. Get a larger size for the exterior and food grade for the interior.
    Diatomaceous earth has many different uses for the home and garden and even in your family. There are several different types that exist but the ideal product for your home is food grade DE because it is completely non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Many household products are harmful to the environment, your family and especially your garden where you probably are eating the fruits of your labor. This is why diatomaceous earth is such a great product because you can eliminate those harmful chemicals from your home. Diatomaceous earth is a revolution in creating a chemical free and healthy home. If you are still skeptical take a look at what many people are saying it can be used for in your home.
    1.A natural deodorizer for garbage cupboard or refrigerators
    2.Kitty litter supplement for extra absorbency and odor control
    3.Soft scrub cleaner because of its abrasive properties
    4.Oil stain remover in garages and driveways
    5.Stain remover for carpets
    6.Polishes metal when made into a paste
    7. * De-wormer for pets and livestock
    8. * Dietary supplement for healthier pets and livestock
    9.Grain and food storage protection from moisture

  58. I was bit severely by a BR I developed a staph infection from the bite since then glue traps lemon pledge eycalyptus, lavender, and peppermint oil have been my constant companions.

  59. i agree they lov i dont think sprayin ur floors an baseboards at nite work bt draw them further in. glue strips work good bt exsterminate at nite when those devils r likley to be more exsposed. an clean up all clutter up down inside an out an tape up or caulk winows cracks an water lines especially an u will see them disapear an spray at least every week dont let ur guard down it will take time an work but i did it so can u ! an other spiders r ur friends!oh an put dead insects in the middle of glue boards that draws them to there sticky grave.go getem boys!!! redneck style.good luck brs suvivor!!!

  60. I have recently moved into a home in a wooded area that no one has lived in for the last 9 months, we have treated the yard and house twice, now I am finding dead spiders still, I have noticed that after I clean, I kill about 3-4 spiders within a 24 hr period, the one recently was a recluse in my bedroom floor. Knowing that spiders do not like certain smells, I do clean with gain and a steam mop. I started using epsom salt with lavender in it around my doors and along the edges of my closets and windows.

  61. I save tall tin cans and leave the paper on the outside to place in closets and dark areas of my basement. Spiders end up in them and die in them. I rinse but not wash the cans. It gets a lot of them. Give it a try. Nothing more *natural* than this. No sprays or powders.

    • I know spiders hate plastic bags.i put my ietms in those.and plastic tubbys.i have a cat.only time I saw the brown recluse in the bathroom.where my cat don’t go..

  62. I moved into a duplex about 4 months ago and have been finding spiders everywhere! Not all of them are recluses but they all scare the hell out of me. I have a two month old son and I am so scared that he will get bitten. Is there any way to get rid of them completely?? And is my landlord obligated to help me with the problem????

  63. These are all good tips! We live in Indiana way up north on almost on Michigan border. They use to be rare. But I had them and didn’t know it! My 24 year old daughter, got bit 2 years ago by something nasty. We figured it was a bad reaction to some spider. I had watched animal planet infestation about an Northern Indiana family that had lots of br’s. It freaked me out! then I saw a big one in a dresser drawer in the sun room. I had never really seen one like that before. so I caught on on sticky trap took it in the parks dept. 3 men looked at it and said it was a br. I Have been so upset, yet fighting to start to get rid of them. I either brought them in on furniture from a garage sale, or it was a huge rock pile the former owners put in front of the deck that went down3or 4 feet, they dug a hole , poured in big rock and boulders on top and planted ditch lily in between the rocks. then we moved the huge pile right beside our attached garage 1 year ago. Plus we had huge woodpile beside that rock pile, someone came and got it, Still have firwood near the garage. We found them in the garage, and in ceiling lights on the first floor. Also we have hot water heat, all through our house that probably sweats in the summer. All i can say it I’m very freaked out. I have a phobia about these kind, don’t mind the nice kind. Even though the good ones scare me . But these are giving me fits .. I’ve only seen 2 that were for sure, and 2 big ones in basement, i’m not sure of. All I get on traps are tiny longlegged spiders, i’m assuming those are hatched babies? In Aug? Yuk, I really hate not being comfortable in my own home. My husband and older sons are not freaked out about it. But he tries to help. Many prayers to all of us, pray for us to ,, I’m really having a hard time with this!!!!

  64. I live in TN. Wanted to give a tip for anyone bitten by a recluse. Get Bentonite Clay and make a paste put a thick layer on the site immediately and leave for two hrs then wipe clean and do it again and again and again. I was bitten two years ago while pregnant on the inner thigh. Four days in it was getting worse and the Dr. was talking about surgery. I knew I had to find something. Did some searching and came up with Bentonite Clay. My site was healed two days later from softball size redness with a purple center to nothing. My daughter was just bit and I put it on her immediately and she is fine. Still fighting the recluse. About to try diatomaceous earth. Fight On!

    • This does work! I got bit by a recluse last year and had a bad spot on my wrist that kept getting worse for almost 2 weeks. I read about the Bentonite Clay and used it just like Erin said and the sore was gone in 2 days! I keep it handy now just in case.

  65. Robert In Tulsa says:

    Firstly, I would like to say that spraying for spiders DOES KILL them without directly spraying them with poison. As an example, I sprayed Ortho Home Defense and Raid Bug Buster over 6 months ago. Every day I find lots of dead rolly-pollies (infestation in Tulsa this year of these), but every two or three days I find a dead wolf spider (large and small). These ‘hunting’ apex spiders can grow quite large (some i have seen around are over 2″), but the spray has been quite effective against them…although I actually like these spiders as they theoretically kill fiddlebacks, and so when I find them in my house, I will often capture them and put them outside, although they should be put FAR outside as they often will act like ‘homing spiders’ and return. Even though a couple of weeks ago one was crawling on my toes when I was in bead while watching TV, I still tried to save it.
    HOWEVER, those damn fiddlebacks are a different story, they seem imune to all bug sprays (unless you actually spray them directly…although smushing them is the only way to be sure they wont recover and ‘get you later’). I have had TWO of these bastards crawl on me in the last 6 months, and just last night, I noticed one on my brown cover while watching TV in bed just 5 INCHE$ FROM MY FACE (can you imagine one bitting you on the face?)!!!
    I tuned into this thread to see if anybody has found commertial products that work. I dont have pets, so the more powerful the insecticide the better…I just want these suckers DEAD.
    I have had problems with them for the last 20 + years, but I have had so many close calls this year I cant see straight. I believe I was possibly bitten by one a week ago on my ankle (must have been while I was sleeping last Saturday). It started as a 3/4″ x 1/2″ blister, then since it popped it is quite read and a bit deep. I had a bizarre case of indegestion monday which incapacitated me the whole day (dont know if this was realated, but it was very very unusual.
    In any event, I am still examining the posts on this site and will have comments to post elsewhere. I hope some of the natural remedies will work…dont know if lemon scented Pledge will work (does this actually HAVE citric acid in it or is it just scented that way), but I will continue reading the posts (only half way thru all these).
    I do think that it is strange that an apex preditor like a wolf spider would be so easily killed by 6-month old bug spray primarily intended to rid me of German roached (the only thing that actually ended my 4 year infestation of these was Combat Source Kill MAX which was a friggin MIRICLE that I bought at Home Depot…threw EVERYTING else at them to no avail…even some old Diazinon). But what is it that is SO DIFFERENT about fiddlebacks vs wolf spiders that one is killed handily by spray, and the other thinks of it as purfume?

  66. Robert In Tulsa says:

    In continuation of my last comment, I just dont know WHY Raid or Orthro or somebody hasnt picked up on how many people are concerned about this fiddleback problem and capitalized on it. I have established that it is indeed possible to kill rather substantial spiders with spray, and there has to be a way to get rid of those things.
    I keep hoping that just like my insidious roach problem, that there is a miricle product out there that will do the trick. People should really mention product names that work on these buggars if they work (or dont work) as this will tell us a brand to buy (since everything I have EVER tried including concentrated interior sprays (dangerous, I almost died twice due to this before I realized what was going on) of Diazinon didnt even work 15+ years ago. I think any company that actually comes up with a solution should make lots of money, so they should be mentioned…thats why I mentioned the solution to German roaches, they deserve the business…even setting off 8 bug bombs from three different manufacturers at the same time in my 400 sq ft building didnt do the trick!!! I dont work for any bug spray companies or have stock in any by the way…I am an electrical engineer/inventor and am self-employed.

  67. Robert In Tulsa says:

    But to finish my last comment, I tuned into this thread (still not finished reading it by far) to find out what BRAND of WHAT COMPANY works, and if nobody names any then I am no better off than guessing. The only way to find if something works is sites like these outside of the company hype. I still have a lot of reading about the natural remedies, and may try a few, but I really dont care if it is natural or any other jazz, I just want something that is EFFECTIVE!!!

  68. is a company that claims to have an edge on getting rid of these nasty spiders. I use glue traps and try not to spray inside much. But am going to try and find someone in my area (Mid Missouri) who uses the methods from Jamél Sandidge who wrote a book you can buy that supposedly tells you how to get rid of these little bastards. I however, am NOT crawling in the attic to do some of these things. The glue traps have told me pretty much where they are… but they seem to pop up everywhere just about. I hate them with a passion and I am personally tired of dealing with them. When extermination of other bugs just provides dinner for a BR… I just don’t know where you go from there. I agree that some company should pounce on the opportunity to make a boat load of cash if they could just come up with something safe that will rid our houses of these pests. I recently found a glue trap that was in the right spot at the right time and has probably 20 baby spiders on it and some “juniors”. I shuddered… I no longer use my dining room much. I am getting ready to seal the floor edge with caulk… how attractive. My worry is there are lots more and they will just creep out somewhere else.

  69. we don’t need brown recluses..there is other good spidersthat will eat bugs..i have used garlic and onion spays that has worked for me..

  70. I am about ready get a box turtle so he eat all these brown cluses up..

    • James Friend says:

      He would probably be too slow and the brown recluses would bite him/her and kill him/her first.

  71. slindeljy says:

    House cennepede will kill the brown recluse and black widow..i think daddy long leg will too,not sure….jumping spider will too..i use home remedy sprays.

  72. It is hard to imagine that spring is here again and the brown recluse is back out. I love the cold weather because they go into hiding. I just want to know what I can use to get rid of them in the attic. I think I have a problem in the yard. How is it possible to get rid of the in the yard.

  73. I hate frogs but I have noticed that they kill the spiders by my door and in the garage so I don’t bother them (the frogs).

  74. James Friend says:

    I have found 3 brown recluse spiders in me grandma’s basement and i told her to use a bug bomb. Does that help or make it worse? On the show Infested it made the brown recluse spiders go into the house and made a person get bit 2 times!

  75. James Friend says:

    My basement is infested with them and we don’t have spare lemon pledge to go into the basement. Help please???????????

  76. Oderban can buy at sams or walmart! Has eucalyptus in it! Add tea tree oil, peppermint oil and lemon mr clean! All bugs will go bye bye! Spiders ants roaches mosquitoes !you can also use garlic powder in little sacks! Been working on this method for several years now and think I have achieved it

  77. Use only sticky boards that have 2 sides and a top. Recluses like those kind the best because they feel like they are crawling inside something. Put the open sides against a baseboard. They normally crawl along a baseboard. Also if there are recluses dead inside of these, dont discard them until they are full. An expert told me it attracts more of them even though they are dead. I use Raid fumigator in attic, it kills everything! Its the type where you fill the cup with water and drop the cartridge in. I set off 3 a month in the warm months. I use Ortho indoor spray along all baseboards with very much success!

  78. Follow up from my previous post. The expert also told me that recluses like hot dry places like attics and around furnaces. The first recluse i caught i put in a sealed tupperware, then forgot about it. I was going to go to my local health dept. to make sure what it was. It sat on a shelf in my carport for a month. When i remembered about it, i was sure it was dead. But no! It was still alive after a month sealed up! I took it to the health dept. and they said it was a recluse.

  79. I got one or two in my bathroom everynight..40 on sticky traps..i want to get rid of them.i don’t even want to go in my bahroom..

  80. Repel brown recluse spiders- 2 tsp. Peppermint Oil and 1 cup water.. Put in a stray bottle.. Spray everything.. Around doors, baseboards, corners, ect..

  81. Etselec says:

    Middle Tennessee
    Just wondering why the peppermint, eucalyptus, cedar, lemon etc oils aren’t mixed with alcohol instead of water since I’ve been reading BR love their water? Do they ingest the oil infused water? Or does the spray just repel them? If it only repels them then *every* area of the house would have to be treated so that they do not just move to another area that has not been sprayed.
    I’ve been researching burning food grade sulfur for BR control but cannot find much about it online. I’ve sprayed chemical in the garage area (where I have found the majority of them. Oddly enough, none in the kitchen or bathrooms) but now I’m finding more in the bedroom beside the garage so I’d prefer not to spray since I feel it will just move them deeper into the house or into the walls (if they aren’t already) until the coast is clear. On a positive note though, no BR on the sticky pads in the garage area since spraying 2 weeks ago. Anywho, I’m wondering if sulfur is my best bet. Burn it in the basement, garage, house area and attic (at the same time) so that the whole house is fumigated, inside walls included. And then a few days later spray outside the house to keep them from returning. Has the sulfur worked for any of you? Does anyone have step by step instructions? Once the fumes are gone will there be reside left that is harmful? Any information would be greatly appreciated.
    Btw, I have lived in this specific house since 1995 and have found 2 scorpions in the house, one last summer, it was alive and the second one on a sticky trap several weeks ago in the bedroom by the garage so I feel there are many more spiders than I care to think about.
    Or maybe I should try the spray again. (My house is in the shape of a rectangle with 2 rooms the width) Perhaps start from the least infected area on the outside then spray 2 rooms each day until I get to the end where the garage and the room beside the garage are located. (hitting the outside as I go, then hit the basement and attic) Has anyone used this method?

  82. I just killed a brown recluse in my daughters room, and of course she won’t sleep in her bed now even after I killed it. I use a therapeutic essential oil spray called thieves from Young Living. Spiders in general don’t like this stuff. I also killed several black widows in CA. When we lived there with this same stuff. The thieves household cleaner is concentrated and i use this stuff on them too. It’s a great way to get rid of those pests n make ur home smell good. It safe to use around your animals too. Feel free to check out this great company or contact me and I’ll be glad to help you out!

  83. john bartley says:

    I have lived in my flat in Brick Lane, East London for 10 years with no problems until a month ago! I awoke one morning to find I had something bite me in bed at night – within a couple of days it was terrible! I rushed to the doctor described the well known symptoms and showed him three huge dark red swellings on my shins. I identified the bites, symptoms and progression online. Four weeks of antibiotics later one is left about two inches in diameter on my left shin. The pain has been bad but the slowness of recovery has left feeling helpless. I have advised my housing association of what happened because there at least four young children in our building! They are consulting pest control currently I only pop in and out of the flat when I have to – I no intention of staying overnight until something is done – I can tell you honestly once bitten NEVER FORGOTTEN! These things bloody deadly and I thought they were mostly in the USA but they are in London! Any comments?

  84. IM SO HAPPY!!!!!!! im afraid of spiders SO much, good thing i found this! my friend almost got bitten by one.(but he killed it)now im freaked until i found this!

  85. Double sided tape, like what is used to hold a rug in place, around the perimeter of your rooms and around the posts of your bed so they can’t crawl up and get into bed with you. They stick to the tape. Then I suggest a good exterminator to FOG your house, not just spray it. All in all, though, moving is the best idea. These spiders are very hard to get rid of. I’ve been fighting them for over a year now. Can’t afford to move yet.

  86. Ready to be scared?? Found when I ran a tub of water too full and it sloshed into the overflow when I got in, out came a BR. Started throwing water at the overflow drain before I would get in after that and never failed to wash out one. Perfect place to hide! They also like a water source and a dark drain is a perfect place to hide. Finally took the cover off and duct taped over the opening after dousing with a spray. Might look ugly but atleast I could take a bath without fear of one dropping into the water with me (which has happened). Also had the house professional sprayed for a year….still spiders. Finally went to the local farmer’s supply store and was given a product caled Spider Fighter. Not sure if it is called that now. One month and noticed a difference. Those that crawled through it got slower and slower. Easily killed. My spiders were coming from the attic. Crawling with them up there. Bombed yearly and every spring sprayed heavily with this spray, which is a concentrate. Came down to very few seen before I moved out of state. My dau brought them to the house from her rental house in clothing,etc. They had to move due to the risk after finding them in the crib of her son. They are one of the fastest moving spiders I have seen!

  87. 2 1/2 years ago I discovered that I had a major brown recluse infestation in my cabin out in the Texas Hill country. We only go out to the cabin once every 2 to 3 weeks on average, and hardly ever during the summer because it’s so darn hot here.

    What I have done to control the situation is use a whole lot of CatchMaster glue traps that I buy in bulk on Amazon. I also hired an exterminator but I really don’t know if their efforts have yielded any real results. The glue traps however definitely work and they work great! At any given time I probably have at least 40 glue traps around our 1300 square-foot cabin.

    I still to this day find brown recluses in the glue traps, but only a fraction of the numbers that I started with, so we’re making progress. I actually find more scorpions in the glue traps than anything else now.

    Oh, I should also point out that I went on a major cleaning binge. I got rid of all of the clutter in the cabin, and put everything into sealable plastic bins. At night we put our dirty clothes and our shoes into bins. When we leave the cabin I always vacuum and make sure everything is put away. I don’t think we’ll ever get rid of the brown recluses 100%, but at least they’re not crawling all over the place like they were before. I almost never see the live ones. The only ones I see are the dead ones in the traps.

  88. You can buy a large container of powdered boric acid at Dollar General for $2.59. It’s by the insect control ( bug spray, ect.)

  89. I have brown recluse spiders in my car. I can’t afford to get another car. Any idea how to get rid of them in my car? We vacuumed everything in it and even the seals around the Windows. Trunk also.

    • put a hose from your tailpipe to the cab and close all windows, Then start engine and let idle for a hour. When youre done just open doors for a while.

  90. we live outside of the city all kinds of bugs live with how to get rid of them me and my sister have asthma we got to be careful about this. help in Shelbyville TN

  91. Michelle says:

    I have studied BRS for many years. BRS do not groom themselves which is why no spray kills them unless you spray them directly so your exterminator was full of it. The key is spray to kill all the bugs the BRS will eat; as long as you have no other bugs they will begin to leave. However, just so you all know only the females are poisonous and they eat the male after mating. I live in MO and 9 out 10 homes have them; we use sticky pads to keep their numbers down. I have heard that vanilla extract works but have not tried it yet.

  92. I recently bought a house that has sat vacant all summer ( when spiders are more active). I have a 1 year old. and the house had a lot of brown recluse. At the first sight of one I called the exterminator (AKA my grandfather) he sprayed. I figured i would wait a while before having him do it again. In the meantime while the house was still partly empty i vacuumed every corner and crack with a shop vac( including the spaces between rafters in the basement and got all the webs and eggs i could see). I used bleach in a spray bottle to kill them on sight and it keeps everything clean. I used Diatomaceous Earth dust in all cracks and corners upstairs and a lot of it in the basement( it kills spiders that walk through it by dehydrating them) its fairly safe( dont eat it or let kids play with it). Used a garden dust all around the perimeter of the house. My theory is that if they dont have bugs to eat then they will leave. Everynight i go downstairs and look for them. Everyday i find less and less. I was worried about the baby so i make sure she wears socks all the time and i put double sided tape around her cribs feet. I shake out her bed and blankets before laying her down and do the same for our bed. Check shoes before putting them on and shake clothing. I am thinking about bombing the attic but will need the family to leave for a few days. We are going to repaint the inside of the house so its perfect time to caulk all the spaces in the trim and around doors and windows. Use citric cleaners. and take off the outlets and put the dust or boric acid in between the walls. and keep your house clutter free. Use the glue traps everywhere. At one time i thought about buying anoles or geckos to let loose but my boss wouldnt let me…

  93. I live in Iowa and the other night I found a spider in my bathroom and I thought it’s abdomen was an egg. I drowned it down the sink. I looked it up. Describing it to google, I was presented with the brown recluse. I was terrified. I then talked myself out of it being a brown recluse. Tonight, my 2 year old tripped over a toy we just bought maybe an hour before, and here comes a spider. I didn’t kill this one, I ran and got my boyfriend who killed it after I said not to, and we kept it on a paper plate. It is now hard to see since its kinda balled up, but I’m almost certain it is a BR. I have super bad anxiety and I’m freaking out. I also have a 1 month old newborn. I’m paranoid they are everywhere.. I need help. How would I know for sure it is a BR? Help please. I need sleep!!!!

  94. I had what I classified as an infestation. I could take a flashlight at night, walk around the home shining the baseboards and spot 10 or more. I have found that Ortho Home Defense nails them. THey avoid poison per the exterminator and what they did was spray around the baseboards and leave a few places without spray and put down sticky traps in those areas to catch them. However, I have sprayed the inside of my home along the baseboards with Ortho and I hardly find a live one anymore. It is a neurotoxin to them, causes paralysis when the walk through it and they dehydrate. It kills most bugs like that. Since teh BR is also a scavanger, they see teh dead bug, go to it and then it gets them. They don’t seem to avaoid it.

  95. One of the best things you can do to help control brown recluse is spring clean during the winter months. They hibernate during winter, so pull everything out of closets, unpack boxes, vacuum your house from top to bottom and wipe down all surfaces. (Be sure to wear gloves when moving items and unpacking boxes). Put sticky strips everywhere including on shelves in closets and pantry area. DO NOT store anything under beds. You will never get rid of them all, but you can control them.

  96. Brittani Millender says:

    Im panicking i was getting out of my car last night and alobg with me having two kids in the back and an infant I noticed a spider in the floor of the car. It was really big about the size of my hand and I wasn’t sure if it was a wolf spider or brown recluse. It ran away but needless to say i have to get rid of it before it bites my children or myself. How would i do that?

  97. Renee Goodwin says:

    Mint plants work wonders on keeping away spiders and insects

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