How to Get Rid of Fleas

In learning how to get rid of fleas there are no easy solutions but knowing the enemy is a great way to begin and I will give you several methods that I have personally used to finally rid your house of fleas.

We have a cat in the house who I would not get rid of for nothing but somehow about a year ago we noticed little bites on the kids and discovered that we have fleas in the carpet.

It started out as a small problem and as is the case with fleas, they multiplied faster than we good get rid of them and they took over.

It was time to break out the big guns.. I never call a professional for pest control. I am one of those who feels like I can do it myself and sometimes that gets me in trouble but you can’t knock me for being ambitious either.

I sprayed the house with permethrin 10% which seemed to help quite a bit but did not kill them all and we tried using salt which I heard would dry them up or something.

We later had the bright idea that if we could spray with permethrin again and kill a big portion of them and then vacuum the rest up we could get them all out of the house if we were persistent.

The trick for us was in the vacuuming.. we bought several vacuum cleaner bags and every day sometimes twice a day or more I would vaccum the carpet really good and then take the vaccuum outside, remove the bag and dispose of it.

After about a week of this the fleas were no more to be found.

We have since used a collar and external flea killer on the cat recommended to us by the cat’s veterinarian and have not had a problem again.

Some preventive maintenance will also help to keep your home and pets free of fleas.. here are some tips on how to get rid of fleas and stay rid of fleas thru preventive maintenance:

  • Wash pet bedding weekly
  • Bathe pet regularly if possible or use Advantix
  • Keep grass cut short outdoors
  • Vacuum home regularly and dispose of bag immediately to prevent the adult fleas from escaping
  • Comb pet with flea comb and drop fleas into soapy water to kill
  • Ask your vet for recommended ways to discourage fleas from taking up residence on your pets

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  1. You need to get some flea killer like frontline or similar. You will not get rid of the fleas in your area until the month passes and no fleas have laid the next generation of eggs. All fleas will die within 24 hours of contact. After a month the fleas in you area where your pet goes will be GONE. No need to cut the grass or any of the other crap. It WORKS BEST! Trust me I have had dogs my whole life. Only the new line of once a month flea killers do anything seriously effective-NO BITES or FLEAS. You don’t even need a flea dip!

  2. Been dealing with fleas since I moved in……I realized that spraying vinegar all through our the house helps with lessening the fleas interest to suck my blood. Only issue is its still not 100 percent resolved, we have hardwood floors and the house is quite old. Not sure what would be good to resolve naturally….with out spending money on getting someone in to take care of it.

    • Clydeine Oglesby says:

      Take Baking Soda and scatter on all your floors.. Then take a broom and push the baking soda under the baseboard and anywhere you think a flea might hide.. any tiny spot. Wash the floor to get the excess off but not with vinegar 🙂 Baking soda draws the water out of the flea and they die. It’s a cheap effective natural process.

  3. Sean Castleton says:

    A device I found that reduces the flea population significantly is the Victor Ultimate Flea Trap. It’s fairly cheap and you can buy it at their website or through various stores. I bought mine through Home Depot. It is a small housing device with a light bulb and fly paper inserted at the bottom. Fleas are attracted to the light and jump right into. After using the first time, it caught about 200 fleas within a week. Then I changed the insert (comes with 3) and it caught about another 100 fleas in the same period. A tip I learned, is that overnight, you want to turn out the lights in the roonm where the trap is positioned, so that the fleas are directly attracted to it. Also, if your house is really infested, I suggest buying several and placing them in different areas of your house.
    Happy flea hunting. Peace out, Sean. :o)

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