Get Rid of Ants

If you found this page then it is likely that you are trying to learn how to get rid of ants in and around your house.

These little things are harmless but they are such a nuisance and I absolutely hate them. They can be seen crawling under the window sill and anywhere else they can find entry. They love just about any kind of food product including animal food that gets left laying in a bowl for kitty.

Remove the Temptation

The first step is removing the reason for coming in.. they are sending out news bulletins that there is free food for the taking at your house and you must put a stop to that.

Don’t leave food of any kind laying around.. this means you must clean up the dishes and wipe off the cabinets with a good household cleaner immediately after a meal.

Don’t leave food or dishes in the sink.. rinse off any dishes that must remain in the sink and preferably place the dishes in the dishwasher even if you do not plan to run it just yet.

For a while you may have to feed kitty several times a day and then put the food away instead of leaving the food there all the time as usual.

Make them Feel Unwelcome

The next step is to make them feel extremely unwelcome by placing things in their path that they do not like..

There are many things that ants do not like according to various sources. One of these things is cinnamon. Make a barrier of cinnamon wherever the ants appear to be entering the house.

Ants are also known to be repelled by citrus.

Prevent and Destroy

The number one method you must use to get rid of ants is to seal up all cracks with caulk to prevent entry. If after you have sealed up all cracks with sealant or caulk, you still see a few ants coming in, you can mix a little borax with some honey or corn syrup and this will kill them when they eat it and take it back to their queen.

As a very last resort to get rid of ants you can go outside the house, find the den and pour boiling water down it to kill the ants.

This is best accomplished early in the morning before it gets active.


  • Windex kills ants dead.. in an emergency you can spray them with this and they will die immediately.
  • Mix a few teaspoons of dry yeast into 1/4 cup molasses and 1/4 cup white granulated sugar. The yeast gives them more gas than their little bodies and can handle and according to reports, they explode under pressure. A little gross but could be fun if you are somewhat sadistic;-)

Send Us Your Tips

If you have other tips on how to get rid of ants that you have found to work well, please let me know by sending me an email.


  1. Marlene Warren says:

    I have a small orange tree in a pot and the ants loved it as much as I did. I took Epsom salt and sprinkled it around the root. Got rid of them and they have not come back yet.

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