Cherry Smoked Prime Rib

I smoked a 5 pound prime rib yesterday and took some pictures with my new T2i.. just thought I would share the love;-) A cut was made down next to the ribs.. then it's all tied up with butchers twine. I would normally do this myself.. but yesterday the butcher asked me if I wanted him to do it so I just let him. The outer layer of meat likes to pull away from the rest of the meat.. if … [Read more...]

Build a Fire Upside Down

I just have to write a quick article on building a fire in the smoker as I have always subscribed to the boy scout version.. you know the small stuff on the bottom in a tee pee fashion, then slightly larger stuff on top of that and once it gets going you throw on some larger stuff to really get the fire going. I have always been pretty good at it and I can't say that I was one who had trouble … [Read more...]

Smoked Turkey Legs

This recipe includes both brining and smoking the turkey legs. The brining process is very important and I highly recommend that you do it. Don't let the unfamiliar word scare you. It is simply a solution of salt and other flavoring that the turkey legs soak in for a few hours causing the flavors to get into the meat of the turkey and make them out of this world delicious. So with that said.. … [Read more...]

Using a Thermometer When Smoking Meat

To check temperature with any smoker I recommend a good Thermometer. The ones I have learned to love are the digital meat thermometers with a probe and a 3 foot metal cable. They run around 15 dollars but are worth their weight in gold in my opinion. You can push the probe into the thickest part of the meat in whatever you are cooking. The metal cable attached to the probe is flat and easily … [Read more...]

Smoking Meat Terminology

Charcoal: chunks of fuel that normally comes in 2 different types, briquette and lump. Lump charcoal: Real hardwood burned down to odd shaped chunks in a controlled environment. This type of charcoal burns hotter and cleaner than any other charcoal and unlike briquettes is free of additives. Water Pan: A pan for holding water in some smokers especially the bullet smokers. It is believed by many … [Read more...]

How often Do You Add Wood Chips?

How often do you you add more chips or chunks when you are smoking meat? First off, this is only for those of you who are NOT using a “stick burner” or a smoker that only takes actual sticks or splits of wood. Many new meat smokers do not understand the “full” concept of smoking.. they have a general idea but sometimes wonder if they need to replenish the wood chips when it stops smoking or … [Read more...]

Start a Fire In A Horizontal Offset Smoker

How to start a fire in a horizontal offset smoker or any smoker for that matter is something that many folks struggle with and I must tell you that I am no expert by any means. I can cheat and use the liquid firestarter or use a weedburner but to really start a fire with just kindling is an art that must be practiced in order to get good at it. I have not mastered the art but I can get the … [Read more...]

Red Tint in Smoked Meat

I had an email recently from a fellow complaining that there was always a red tint to smoked meat that he cooked.. sausage in particular. This got me to thinking that there may be many out there who really do not know what this is and why. I can certainly understand how this could be a little scary to a new smoker.. thinking the meat is still raw and you don't want to make your family or guests … [Read more...]

Smoked Meatloaf Recipe

My smoked meatloaf recipe is to die for and if you have not tried it then you are definitely missing out on one of the finer things in life. You would never believe how many folks email me every week and tell me that they will NEVER eat another oven baked meatloaf again. Well, I have not gone that far personally because I don't wanna have to eat my words if my wife makes one but I can guarantee … [Read more...]

Keep Smoked Meat Warm For Hours

Many of you have asked me how to keep smoked meat warm once it is done cooking and many times this is also in reference to needing to transport the smoked meat to a different location and you do not want it to cool down over the 2 hour drive time or whatever the distance/time happens to be. I have the solution for this and I will show you how to keep practically any meat, whether it is smoked … [Read more...]