Build A PVC Greenhouse Row Cover

In this tutorial I am going to explain how I created a sort of PVC greenhouse row cover out of PVC pipe and some cheap landscape timbers and was able to plant crops way earlier than anyone else. For this project you will need the following materials: (1) 10' piece of 1" PVC pipe 30' of 3/4" black poly pipe (80 PSI) (5) 4" x 8' Landscape timbers (untreated) (1) roll galvanized pipe … [Read more...]

How to Make Compost

In "how to make compost" I will delve into the advantages of composting as well as the proper way to compost, what to use and what not to use. Composting is both easy and very very smart from a financial point of view as well as a plant healthy point of view. Making your own compost from materials that you most likely already have and will be disposing of anyway can save you a pretty good lump … [Read more...]

Wide Row Gardening

Just because you have limited space does not mean you need to forego having a vegetable garden. Using a few "smart" techniques like wide row gardening you can use you space wisely and have enough veggies to feed your entire family and maybe the neighbors. When I was a kid we moved into a house with a very small back yard and virtually no front yard at all however, I remember there being a raised … [Read more...]

Raised Bed Gardening

Raised bed gardening holds many advantages for the gardener as well as the plants. The traditional garden soil is packed down from walking on it and as a result it is not porous and airy like it should be. A raised bed garden is created by building up soil as much as 6 or 8 inches and sometimes even incorporates boards, stones, bricks or concrete blocks to make it more permanent. This … [Read more...]

USDA Hardiness Zone Map

The USDA Hardiness Zone Map and chart should be consulted before ordering seeds or deciding what to grow in your garden, flower bed or lawn. Find your hardiness zone and then you can use that to reference the seed packet or the catalog before ordering.   USDA Hardiness Zone Chart Zone Fahrenheit Celsius Example Cities 1 Below -50 F Below -45.6 C Fairbanks, Alaska; … [Read more...]

Growing Tomatoes

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