Ever get frustrated trying to find information online.. whether it is how to tie a fishing knot or how to bake a cake in high altitudes, good information is hard to come by.

Lots of results that don’t deliver and this is a severe waste of your valuable time.

I have seen this problem time and time again and I have decided to do my part in populating the internet with good information. The kind of information that will make you say wow!

I started this with my maiden voyage of the Smoking-Meat.com website and have such great success that I just gotta keep moving forward with the idea.

Yeah.. I make a little money here and there from ads and such but you won’t mind that if you find the information you’re looking for and don’t have to dig thru dozens of websites to find a tidbit of quality information.

Wish me luck as I begin this new venture and if you have something that you need to know let me know and I may just get around to researching it for you and bringing it all together into a very nice and tidy webpage full of information..

I plan to research things that interest me like:

  • cooking
  • camping
  • fishing
  • hiking
  • how to fix things
  • home repairs
  • automobile repairs
  • gardening
  • lawn care
  • book reviews
  • movie reviews
  • song lyrics
  • computer tutorials
  • software tutorials
  • tourist information for select cities and vacation spots

Prepare to be educated.